Office 365

Making Office 365 safer for business

The Challenge

With over 85M corporate users and a rate of adoption exceeding 50,000 organizations each month, Office 365 appears to be the email platform of the future.

But the risks to email remain whether delivered 100% from the cloud or in a hybrid environment. Security threats such as ransomware, impersonation and spear-phishing remain a primary concern in protecting the email attack vector. Humans remain the weakest link in an organization’s defenses. IT admins must have a plan B in the event of a mail disruption, as it’s unacceptable to have productivity crippling email downtime. And administrators need an independent archive that guarantees data immutability and chain of custody to respond quickly to litigation and e-discovery requests.

Mimecast Solution

Mimecast makes cloud email safer by addressing three critical email needs: security, archiving and continuity. Integrated service bundles are designed for and delivered 100% in the cloud, with no network infrastructure for staff to manage.

Mimecast solves cloud infrastructure challenges with:


Targeted Threat Protection for Office 365

Relying solely on Office 365 for AV/AS protection and protection from advanced threats such as spear-phishing is risky.

Get better protection with a layered security approach by adding Mimecast S1 to work independently or in tandem with security offerings such as EOP, to tackle the risk from whaling, spear-phishing and other advanced threats.

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Avoiding the Office 365 Icarus Affect

Watch this  Redmond  Fireside Chat with Office 365 MVP J. Peter Bruzzese and founder of …

Mailbox Continuity for Office 365

Administrators of on-premises systems have many options for dealing with planned and unplanned outages but they lose this control when moving to Office 365.

With Mimecast C1, employees continue to send and receive email, even when Office 365 has an outage. Mitigate the exposure and risk from a single vendor solution and keep email flowing. Your organization demands it.

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E-discovery and Litigation Support for Office 365

The most important information and communication in your organization travels over email.

Keeping it safe is vital for compliance and e-discovery obligations. With Mimecast A1, data is held in a scalable and encrypted cloud archive with tamper-resistant chains of custody and flexible retention policies.

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Cloud-based Mailbox Archiving

Availability is not the same as recoverability.

Mimecast provides an independent backup of all your valuable corporate data with rapid access for employees via powerful search on desktop and mobile applications. Achieve peace of mind by knowing Mimecast A1 is highly secure and tamper-resistant.

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Case Study

Reminger Attorneys at Law Simplifies and Secures Office 365 Email with Mimecast

Reminger Attorneys at Law Simplifies and Secures Office 365 Email with Mimecast


Mimecast M2A - Integrated Security, Email Continuity & Archiving

Mimecast extends traditional gateway security to defend against malicious links in email, weaponized …

Migration Services

Moving from Exchange on-premises to Office 365 can be a challenge to manage.

With Mimecast Migration Services, administators can eliminate the risk of service disruptions, reduce the effort and time required to migrate mailboxes and consistently enforce policies and security across staged or hybrid environments.

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Case Study

Mimecast Email Archiving Scales Alongside Expanding Bay Club Business

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