Sync & Recover

Protect data from loss, accidental deletion, or corruption by leveraging your archive

Cyberattacks, human error and technical failures happen

Sync & Recover for Exchange and Office 365 gives organizations a simple, streamlined way to quickly recover deleted or corrupted email, calendar, and contact data by leveraging archive data. 

Sync & Recover for Exchange and Office 365 helps:

  • Unify management of compliance archiving and data resiliency
  • Streamline configuration of recovery and search
  • Provide a multilayered defense against Exchange data loss or damage due to ransomware, human error and technical failure
  • Enable cloud-to-cloud backup; no hardware or software to manage

Minimize ransomware’s impact with cloud-based prevention, continuity, and recovery

Faced with the constant escalation of ransomware threats, as well as the pain and cost of restoring operations after an attack, an effective strategy for managing email-borne ransomware risk needs to be multifaceted, and include measures to:

  • Prevent ransomware from reaching the organization
  • Maintain email continuity in the event that ransomware breaks through
  • Recover email services and data quickly and with minimal disruption to business operations.

Mimecast enables this layered ransomware defense strategy by providing prevention, continuity, and recovery functionality from a single multiservice cloud grid computing architecture powered by the Mime|OS operating system.

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Is Microsoft O365 Good Enough Protection & Recovery?

While every organization needs to keep data protected and accessible for its users, many are unaware of the risky protection and recovery gaps when malicious attacks occur or point-in-time recovery is required.  Many organizations are asking themselves, “Is Microsoft Office 365™ good enough protection and recovery?” According to Gartner, investing in third-party tools for “faster, more-flexible recovery options” is a good idea. Join this webinar to learn where your biggest risks are and how to mitigate them.

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5 reasons why Sync & Recover may be just what you need

Maybe you’re running your email in the cloud, or maybe you’re still running Exchange Server on premises. Or – quite possibly – you’re serving some email users on premises and others in the cloud.

Whatever your email environment, there are 5 reasons why Sync & Recover may be just what you need to take your cyber resilience to the next level. They include:

  • Office 365 offers no backup and recovery capability
  • The malware is out there and becoming increasingly commonplace
  • Technical failure does happen 
  • We’re only human and human errors do occur
  • It’s time to simplify
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Case Study

Reminger Attorneys at Law Simplifies and Secures Office 365 Email with Mimecast

Reminger Attorneys at Law Simplifies and Secures Office 365 Email with Mimecast