Cyber Resilience Coalition

No one vendor can do it alone. Organizations unite to help customers become more cyber resilient.

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True Cyber Resilience Starts with Mimecast.

As more organizations move on-premises technology infrastructure to third-party cloud solutions, they are faced with a dramatic shift in operational dependencies, poor visibility into security, and unexpected risk. Now, more than ever, you need a fresh and realistic approach to cyber resilience planning that spans security, data protection, business continuity and end-user empowerment.

Mimecast helps to fulfill this need through the Cyber Resilience Coalition (CRC). The CRC brings together leading technology vendors to provide a best-of-breed line of defense against cybercrime.

About the Cyber Resilience Coalition

Mimecast’s Cyber Resilience Coalition (CRC) is an industry initiative that brings together leaders in security, data protection and continuity to help strengthen organizations’ total cyber resilience to threats, disruption of business and access to information. By focusing on every stage of the cybersecurity ecosystem, the CRC empowers customers with greater visibility and control over security strategy; easy migration of data to the cloud and quick access to vital corporate information; and an always-on approach that safeguards against new and emerging cyberattacks, human error and technology downtime.