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Our interactive training courses include a mixture of theory and practice, and are delivered in the format that best meets your needs. View our training videos, attend one of our technical webinars or schedule a classroom training. Our experienced instructors will help you gain the best return on your Mimecast investment.

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Technical Webinars

One-hour, instructor-led technical webinars designed to help administrators master a particular Mimecast service. Ask questions related to your specific environment and get the answers you need to be successful.

Technical webinars are available on the following topics:

  • Gateway Essentials 101 - This is the first technical webinar that anyone new to Mimecast should attend. An introductory session that explores the Mimecast Administration Console covering topics such as the connections into and out of the organization's infrastructure, the default account configuration and how Mimecast is designed to process emails. 
  • Gateway Essentials 201 - The second technical webinar in this series which covers more advanced features like Targeted Threat Protection.
  • Gateway Essentials 301 - The third technical webinar in this series which covers policy configuration.
  • Mimecast Synchronization Engine Essentials - Covering everything an administrator needs to know about the Mimecast Synchronization Engine from installation to the dashboard, tasks to monitoring.
  • Stationery Essentials - Mimecast offers functionality for email branding components to be applied to regular day-to-day emails.  Explore email branding functionality and consistency of brand application through a centralized set of administrator-controlled policies in this technical webinar. The application of legal disclaimers for compliance purposes will also be discussed as will available reporting and tracking options.
  • Archiving and eDiscovery Essentials - The basics of archiving and email retention are covered in this technical webinar including details on how to perform archive searches and how email retention works. It also looks at archive searches from the end user's perspective as well as exports and eDiscovery fundamentals.
  • Employee Productivity and Mobility - Attend this technical webinar to see an overview of Mimecast for Outlook (MfO), Mimecast Personal Portal (MPP) and Mimecast Mobile Services. See how users will log in and navigate, as well as make use of the key functionality including searching their archive, and sending and receiving emails in a continuity scenario (i.e. when your mail server is not available).

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Training Videos

Access a full library of administrator and employee videos on our YouTube channel. Gain more insight on the following topics:

  • Employee continuity and archive search - Work with available tools and applications for employees to access email data at all times.
  • Email security services - Work with secure email delivery mechanisms and data leak prevention.
  • Content and attachment handling - Use available tools to reduce load on local infrastructure and synchronize additional data to Mimecast.
  • Exchange mailbox management - Use available tools to reduce load on local infrastructure and synchronize additional data to Mimecast.
  • Email branding and signatures - Apply corporate identity components and legal disclaimers to emails, and include dynamic signature elements.

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Classroom Training


Interested in a personalized, face-to-face experience? In selected regions Mimecast offers classroom training sessions on the course subjects below. These one-day courses are delivered at either our regional offices or your location.

Gateway Essentials 101

  • Basics
  • Account Settings
  • Roles
  • Connectivity Basics
  • User and Group Management
  • Monitoring
  • Application Settings
  • Secure Messaging
  • Reporting
  • Service Monitor
  • Large File Send
  • Mimecast Personal Portal
  • Mimecast for Outlook
  • Mimecast Mobile
  • Mimecast for Mac

Mimecast Stationery

  • Overview
  • Navigation and Folder Control
  • Planning Stationery
  • Images
  • Micro Sites
  • Actions
  • Layouts
  • Policies
  • Stationery Signatures for Email Replies or Forwards
  • Reports

Gateway Essentials 201

  • Policy Basics
  • Targeted Threat Protection
  • Continuity Events
  • Archiving
  • eDiscovery 
  • Mimecast Synchronization Engine 

Mimecast Partner

  • Connect
  • Ingest
  • Implement
  • Augment
  • Deploy

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