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At Mimecast our support teams and packages are designed specifically to make sure that no-matter the size of your organization, we have you covered.  We understand that different businesses have different requirements, that’s why we have a range of packages available to suit everyone.  

Support goes further than just being able to solve issues when they arise.  At Mimecast we are passionate about all our customers extracting the maximum value from their purchase and as quickly as possible. 

The Service and Support offerings allow you to select the solution that best fits your business needs, and complements your IT team.  As unpredictable as the threats and challenges can be, it is critical to know that the support you need will always be available to you. 

Bronze Package: Included with your Mimecast purchase, the Bronze package offers the fundamentals for self-sufficient IT teams with the benefit of increased support during implementation.

Silver Package: The Silver package provides the fundamentals of the Bronze package with the addition of increased access to shared Mimecast resources.

Gold Package: The Gold package goes beyond the fundamentals, supporting businesses with critical uptime requirements who are looking for more proactive engagement with Mimecast.  Enhanced optimization is useful in more complex solutions.

Platinum Package: The Platinum package offers the maximum level of support and success planning, with access to numerous resources and proactive engagement with Mimecast resources. Best for organizations with sophisticated solutions and a large user base. 

All Success Packages include:

  • Mimecaster Central Support Community
  • Mimecast KnowledgeBase
  • Business Continuity Planning Manual
  • Customer Service Reports
  • Service Monitoring & Alerting

Already a Mimecast customer? Visit Mimecaster Central to learn more about the services offered within each package.

For more information on the Success Package offerings, please contact us.

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